Orthopedic weight loss plan

If you are carrying around 50 or more extra pounds of excess weight, your BMI is 30 or more which is considered obese. Carrying this amount of excess weight puts you at risk for a number of serious health conditions including Osteoarthritis. (Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints) Obesity is widely acknowledged as a risk factor for both the incidence and progression of osteoarthritis. According to the Obesity Medicine Association a loss of at least 10% of your body weight, coupled with exercise can lead to significant improvement in symptoms, pain relief, physical function and health related quality of life.

Solutions Medical Weight Loss can help with an initial 2-4 week meal replacement plan you can bring down your weight and reduce health risks more quickly and safely. You will then transition to one of our low calorie or low carb plans until weight loss goals are met.

Your plan will include an initial weight loss consultation with a provider, who will review your personal health history, medications and diet history. We will obtain vital signs, body composition lab work and EKG. Meal replacements to increase protein and control calories while working towards a new healthy lifestyle, daily emails with prescribed meal plan and exercise, appetite suppressants if clinically indicated, joint formula supplement, optional vitamin or lipotropic injections to aid in your weight loss success.

You will meet with your provider weekly to monthly depending on which phase of the program you are in.